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Protection of the crankcase.

Protection of the crankcaseFind or repair the crankcase it is quite a lot of money, so it is best to buy protection in advance. In addition, such layer of metal or carbon fiber, which is installed on the crankcase can protect the car against theft, and more, as the attacker, it becomes much more difficult to get to the wiring in order to deactivate the alarm.

It’s not all positive qualities, because the crankcase protection allows you to warm up the car in the winter is much faster due to the fact that this item is not cooled from the lower side. The conventional wisdom that an additional layer of metal, under this part of the bottom, it becomes the cause of the violation of thermal balance, or rather, the engine overheats and stops to cool. Actually crankcase protective layer has no effect on these characteristics, even though, because it has nothing to do with the thermostat, radiator and other parts, which are responsible for motor cooling.