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Wheels Mercedes

High-quality parts is not only a guarantee of performance of the car, but also most importantly the safety condition. If you need a Mercedes wheels, in search of the best deals you come up with a very attractive in price and appearance models of analogs or replicas. But what would entail such savings? It is important to choose responsibly and wisely the wheels Mercedes, your life and the health of your loved ones will depend on this.

Wheels Mercedes

The study of replicas quality of different models of Mercedes wheels showed that despite the visual appeal and the best price, they are not something up to the stated characteristics, but it is not suitable for operation in general!

First, the replica coloring is uneven, and the coating is exposed to rapid abrasion. Leave even a scratch on it might even branch.

Secondly, the geometric parameters of these models, most often, are not identical to the claimed – in operation it is not only shorten the life of disks, but also lead to the destruction of suspension!

Third, the replica is not tested for strength, as is done with the original Mercedes wheels.