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AuxBeam LED 9003 Headlight kit review

I so today we are going to replace the headline bulls with LED headlights right now we have standard halogen which is what came with the car of course because it’s his cell hold 97 civic pride here we got the headlights on so you see how it lights up the road and then we’re gonna go and swap out to the LEDs and compare how bright and how well the lights went. Alright so here we are doing alright headline upgrade ox being has provided us with a set of LED headlight bulbs. And let’s see what’s in the kit.

LED HeadlightsThey have up slightly different from stock but they are just plug and play so. And we open up the box. Had a little simple product manuals at the little color tint. They you can put on to the ball. And then the bulls themselves. There’s the connector. And you have this. I guess you would say it’s like a. When module built into it and hit this is the actual piece they will be installing Jeep led headlights and then it will slide the bald man and it’s with some locks. Because I had this little cap here is it locked in first. And have a wire that goes and holds it down but you’ll see that when we go and install the.

In the bowl so let’s get started alright so in well we made some room here today the airbox but scenario a nice view and we’re going to remove the stock bowl on this time to connect their men they can stick and it’s is held in by a spring so it’s kind of pain actually. But you know there’s. Find the best way if you peel back the boot. Carefully. There’s a metal spring in here and you actually push it down. Pushing down and kind of pull it up and then. It and cliffs the. Yeah CNN. It hooks in right there so if you push it down and lifted the. It comes out then you can. And then we’ll take it will look. Careful there. I said there’s a bowl and want to touch the glass because Lurleen. Don’t want to waste it even now it’s the old led Jeep headlights Irene of places where. So now I can get a grip on. And based on the bold. And they connected. Which. Don’t they were gonna. Finally came out. I said then this take them booed off. Save my bowl. And I will go ahead and. And the. The little base plate. The flat side on this particular occasion was down.

Excellent job cleaning to clean. Area Seeing the flat signs were them Baden. Peace in the spring goes in and see her. The other piece right and then. And then the waiting tables are set up actually. He goes in more easily because you can leave that. Based peace in. And then. Use. Possible then twisted easy it’s up right cell clockwise. And then he just. Plug it in to the. Connector. And then you can either is if time or for an altitude in here but. 91 to secure it make sure it’s safe you know 1 arriving on the scene who won the wires ferrying. Alright so and have left the boot off which. Then boot actually right here interferes with this. Base of the bowl of so you can either cut this piece out. 2 and modify or for now is clearly the boot out of it.

But this is like a water seal so. And to keep in mind that if you don’t put it back in here headlight is now watertight anymore I there were you know there are reasonable and we’re just filming the phone and say you can see the difference. Just as they’re turned on. You can see on the left side the new LED headlights as it has a lot more crisp and bright appearance. So we’re gonna go and we’re gonna do another tests were gonna shut it down the road and see the difference. From for now we have our car pointed in about the same position as they get see how these LED headlights both at the road. Has like a more clear lie it doesn’t have that yellow funky color the halogen bowl but yeah so they seem to work well and we’ll see how they work in the long run. And that maybe do an update. But there you have it installed.